Discover the Journey of Bill, DeAnne, and Enzo Decicco

Three Lives Converged, Transformed, and Defied the Odds.

The Unlikely Journey of Bill, DeAnne, and Enzo DeCicco.

Imagine a man and a women—each previously married to spouses with drug abuse issues.

Imagine these two people meet each other years later, realizing they had each found their soul mate….the only other person who understands what drugs can do to a relationship, and the victims of circumstance it leaves behind.

Imagine the two later marry, and soon decide to adopt – not just any child – but a six-day-old baby boy born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) who was exposed to multiple drugs during his mother’s pregnancy.

Imagine doing so intentionally, but with virtually no notice, as the newborn Enzo (as they later named him) was just hours away from becoming a ward of the state, after other potential parents suddenly backed out.

Imagine sitting by his bedside for 25 days, while the child instinctively fought for his life, having no concept of what was causing the seizures, tremors, trouble breathing, and continuous vomiting and diarrhea he was experiencing.

Imagine the compassion, the sacrifice, and the uncommon, unlikely paths that brought these three lives together. Perhaps Enzo’s one-in-a-million chance for a ‘normal’ family was based in the unique perspective and compassion the DeCiccos had for his situation.

Young Enzo begins to grow into an exceptionally well-adjusted, giving child who, in lieu of gifts for his birthday, donates to the Gulf Coast Humane Society. He annually GIVES gifts to help the animals.

He has built an amazing bond with these two special people, who are as blessed by him as he is by them. What could be more poetic and perfect?

Then, when Enzo is 8 years old, his father, Bill DeCicco; a man with a room-filling, electric personality is given a terminal diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia; the same disorder that led to comedian Robin Williams’ death.

11 days later, his wife, DeAnne, is diagnosed with breast cancer, and begins
a 12-week treatment. Thankfully, it has been successful.

Bill DeCicco passes away June 29, 2021 at age 70.

He is survived by his wife, DeAnne, and son, Enzo.

So, what's next?

Since Bill’s passing, DeAnne and Enzo DeCicco have been establishing a foundation In Bill’s memory. The DeCicco Project Awards a chosen person each year (child, student, etc.) a fund intended to address challenges in their life created by circumstances outside of their control. Enzo will give continually throughout the year to different people as well as different organizations and will always do something special on the anniversary of his father’s death. The DeCiccos believe raising money to help a deserving person in need ascend from challenging circumstances is the most appropriate way to honor Bill, and his fearless, compassionate spirit.

How you can help

Donations to this fund are obviously its lifeblood. (MORE TO COME)