DeCicco Foundation Endorsements

The Journey to Grateful Giving

May 9, 2022

As Enzo’s tutor and classroom volunteer, it has been the greatest gift to watch Enzo develop and excel. I have witnessed the way he navigates challenges and in spite of them has been successful, become well-rounded, is extremely thankful and giving. He appreciates, respects and loves those that have helped him on his journey, especially his parents. Not only did they confront his needs in all areas from birth, they instilled planned giving as a basic need starting with his first birthday. This is confirmed by Enzo and DeAnne creating The DeCicco Project, the avenue for grateful giving and honoring Bill’s memory forever.

Paula Eichbauer

Hat Hero

May 5, 2022

It has been my extreme pleasure to be a part of Enzo’s soccer journey. Enzo was introduced to me when he started in our program at the U-6 age level. It was apparent from the start Enzo was going to impact my life probably more than I was going to impact his. I have seen him grow season to season not only as a player but as a fine young man. After watching the video 100% understand why Enzo is who he is. I can always find Enzo on the field just look for the big guy with a hat. I have no doubt Enzo will continue to support his favorite charities and enjoy soccer. Thanks for being such a fine young man Enzo.

Brandon Bennett

Everyone has POTENTIAL.

May 5, 2022

I am the owner / operator of Martial Arts University in Cape Coral, Fl USA. I met DeAnne and Enzo three years ago, when they inquired about lessons for Enzo. I became aware of their family situation soon after they joined the school. I knew my roll as “Sensei”, would be a substantial roll in the lives of both Mother and Child. I’m blessed they chose MAU to be an influence in their life. Enzo did struggle with certain aspects of his Karate, but never gave up or has a negative attitude. I attribute this to DeAnne’s outlook on their situation. She has never let Enzo believe he had limitations. He has succeeded through the Belt levels and has grown as a young man. I see him being a role model for Mental, Physical, Technical excellence in the Martial Arts (Life). I truly believe this foundation will Greatly benefit society and fully endorse it. Please give your Time, Money, and heart to this cause.

Jeff Santella, soke'

What an extraordinary family!

May 5, 2022

As a volunteer and supporter of Gulf Coast Humane Society I had heard about Enzo’s birthday donations and thought it was wonderful. After they paid for the adoption fee for Wanda Wonder, my foster fur baby, who spent a year and a half at the shelter, I read more about them and am in awe. They have overcome so much in their lives and demonstrate strength, resilience, and huge loving hearts that shine the light of God’s love in so many ways. It makes so much sense that they sponsored Wanda Wonder – of all the hundreds of dogs I have knows over the years in shelters, she had the most resilience, positive, happy attitude for a long-term shelter resident I have ever seen. It was a match made in heaven that she was one of the many lucky pups they decided to sponsor! I gladly have become a contributor to the great work of the DeCicco Foundation!

Ronni Haston

Not all hero’s wear capes, some wear hats!!

April 20, 2022

I have known the family since Enzo was two years old on our soccer team. I have watched Enzo grow into an incredibly talented young man. This was made possible for him due to his loving parents. A solid foundation from both his mother and father that has allowed him to reach his full potential. This family has been through more than any family should ever have to deal with. However with each obstacle that they had to deal with they’ve all done it with such dignity and grace. As a child losing his father Enzo has handled it better than most adults do. Many of us would spiral out of control but Enzo Continues to make everyone around him so proud of him and his strength and courage. I told DeAnne that Not all hero’s wear capes, some wear hats!! That is the Legacy Bill and DeAnne has created, a hero in a hat!!!

Ashley Weeks